Stay Safe During and After a Severe Storm

  • Do not plug a portable generator into a wall outlet and never use one in an enclosed area, garage, or carport. Place it at least 20 feet from all doors and windows.
  • Make sure you have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms installed throughout your home and ensure they are in working order.
  • Using a portable generator in an enclosed space or too close to a structure can cause death from CO poisoning.
  • Read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions when using a generator. Remember to have it inspected regularly and keep it well-maintained.
  • Once the storm has cleared, it is tempting to rush outside, assess the damage, and start cleaning up. However, do not go outside after (or during) a storm if there is a power outage. There could be a downed power line you cannot see, which can cause electrocution. The downed line could be covered by water, snow, tree limbs, or other debris. In case there are downed lines, wait until power is restored before you go outside.
  • If you can see from inside your home that a power line is down, call 9-1-1 or your electric utility to report it.
  • Once it is safe to go outside, be careful when cleaning up debris. Do not trim trees/branches within 10 feet of a power line. Be sure to look up and look out for overhead power lines before carrying a ladder. Carry a ladder horizontally instead of vertically.

Tips courtesy of Safe Electricity.