Member Rights

Your Rights As A Member

  1. Non-Discrimination:
    • Utility services are provided without discrimination as to a customer’s race, nationality, color, religion, sex, or marital status.
  2. Rate and Service Information:
    • You may inspect or obtain at reproduction cost a copy of the applicable tariffs and service rules concerning the Cooperative’s rates and services.
  3. Meter Testing:
    • You may request a test of the Cooperative’s electric meter if you believe the meter is not accurately measuring your electric consumption. If, however, any residential customer has made a similar request within the last 4 years and the meter is not defective, the Cooperative will charge a fee of $25.
  4. Paying Outstanding Bills:
    The due date of a bill for utility service is 16 days after the date of the bill. A bill is considered delinquent if unpaid by the due date, and a 5% late fee will be assessed.
  5. Termination of Service:
    • Your electric service may be discontinued after proper notice for the following reasons:
      • Failure to pay in full an outstanding bill within 26 days of issuance or failure to meet the terms of a deferred payment plan.
      • Violation of the Cooperative’s rules for the use of service in such a manner that interferes with the service of others or the operation of non-standard equipment provided that the Cooperative will make every attempt to notify you of the problem and allow you to remedy the situation.
      • Failure to comply with the Cooperative’s deposit and/or other fee requirements.
    • The Cooperative may disconnect service at once and without notice in the following instances:
      • In cases of tampering with the Cooperative’s meter or equipment, bypassing the same or other instances of diversion.
      • Where a dangerous condition exists. Such disconnection shall remain in effect so long as the condition exists.
  6. Notice Required Prior to Termination of Service:
    • You have the right to receive proper notice of termination of service prior to disconnection. Proper notice shall consist of a separate mailing or hand delivery at least 10 days prior to a stated date of disconnection, with the words ‘termination notice’ or similar language prominently displayed on the notice.
  7. Billing Disputes:
    • In the event of a dispute between a customer and the Cooperative regarding any bill for utility service, the utility shall make an investigation. You have the right to receive a report of the results of such an investigation. If you disagree with the Cooperative regarding the amount of your electric bill, you will not be required to pay any disputed portion of the bill which exceeds an amount equal to your average monthly usage based on the preceding 12 month period at the current rate. This provision will remain in effect until completion of the determination within 60 days.
  8. Alternative Payment Plan:
    • If you have maintained a good payment record with no broken agreements for 12 months, you have the right to request an alternative payment plan. Upon request, the Cooperative can offer you a deferred payment plan which would allow you to pay an outstanding bill in installments.
  9. Service Reconnection:
    • If your service is discontinued after proper notice for the reasons listed under Section 5 above, you may reestablish service when all amounts due the Cooperative are paid.
  10. Complaints:
    • If you have a complaint about any action of the Cooperative, you may request a supervisory review, and you have the right to file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
  11. Reading Your Meter:
    • You have the right to instructions provided by the Cooperative on how to read your electric meter.
  12. Security Deposit:
    • A security deposit is required in advance of service connection or at any subsequent time the Cooperative determines that a deposit is needed in order to ensure payment of bills (refer to Member Policy #11).
    • The security deposit may be waived if:
      • The applicant possesses a satisfactory credit rating as obtained through a consumer-reporting agency.
      • The applicant chooses the Pre-Pay Payment option.
  13. Funded Assistance:
    • Funded financial assistance may be available from your local Community Council. Please contact Member Services for more information at (903) 846-2311.
  14. Assistance for the Hearing and Sight Impaired Available: