September 2021 E-Bill Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Billy King of Naples, Pam Coe of Redwater, and William Futch of Lone Star, winners of $100 electric credits for receiving their bill by E-Bill. When you switch to e-bill instead of receiving a paper bill each month, you'll:

have fewer bills in your mailbox resulting in less clutter, help the coop keep costs low, help the environment, and have a chance to win a $100 electric credit in our monthly E-Bill Members drawing!

Stop receiving paper bills and start receiving electronic notifications by signing up for E-Bill today. To enroll, or to change your billing method at any time, select an account in the Member Portal, and then click the Continue button.

Go to the E-Notifications tab and click E-Bill.  An e-mail address is required when registering for E-Bill.