Remembering David H. Frost

A Message from General Manager Mark A. Boyd -

David H. Frost, or David Harold as most of us knew him, served faithfully on the Board of Directors for Bowie-Cass for 27 years. I like to refer to David as our honorary historian. Since the lady who started the Co-op in 1937, Mrs. Mabel Bryan Morriss was David’s great-aunt; David had more local knowledge than anyone. If I had a question about when something occurred, David usually had the answer. He would tell me about times when he was just a kid playing around “the old White House,” which was once Mrs. Mabel’s home that was converted to a community room after she donated the property to the Co-op. He could tell me about each renovation the facility had undergone over the course of his 83 years living in Douglassville.

David was always the first director to show up for our monthly Board meeting, and I enjoyed the conversations we shared. We would talk about his cows, and he would ask if I had been fishing lately. He would tell me about his family and the latest achievements of all the grandchildren. Once we swapped stories, he would always get down to business, ask me a few questions about Co-op operations, and share his thoughts about member concerns. David always kept me on my toes with his questions during Board meeting discussions. He also had a good memory for prior decisions that may resurface during our current deliberations.

We will miss David, his wisdom, his local knowledge, his historical perspective, but most of all, his pride in being a part of something that has positively impacted so many members over the course of the last 86 years. Living in Douglassville, David had a front-row seat to everything that took place at the Co-op. For him, it was more personal. It wasn’t just any random group of 28,000 members. It is his family, friends, and neighbors that we are serving. He was a good steward for all of us, and the Co-op is better off because David Harold was a part of it, not just for the last 27 years but his whole life.