Contractors Are on the Right of Ways!

Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative has begun a 2-year project with C.T.& T. Engineering to acquire G.P.S. coordinates for all of our power poles. During this project, members may see C.T.& T. teams walking, or driving the right-of-way as they number the 120,000 poles in the Bowie-Cass system. These teams will be working 12-hour days which will include some weekends as needed to complete this project. The C.T. & T. teams will be wearing high-visibility clothing and typically drive white pick-up trucks with logos and signs on the doors.

The information gained from this project will improve the cooperative's mapping system allowing for turn-by-turn routing, improve our field inventory of materials and equipment, and allow us to communicate with members and callers by use of a pole number to find their locations.

These crews are currently in the area off of the Farmer's Academy Substation in west Mt. Pleasant.