Levelized Billing Details & Signup

Levelized Billing Overview

  • Levelized billing is a system that averages 12 months of your bills continually.
  • This averaging smoothes out the extreme seasonal variations, both highs and lows, to produce a more levelized amount each month.
  • This system does not produce a bill of the same amount each month. However, the amount from month to month should vary only slightly compared to the regular seasonal fluctuations.


One of the benefits of the levelized billing program is that members are not forced to pay large bills during the air conditioning and heating seasons. Slightly higher bills compensate for these large bills during the fall and spring months.


To be eligible for Levelized Billing, you must have had service with the Cooperative for at least 12 consecutive months, and you must be willing and eligible to be set up on automatic bank draft.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in your electricity bills being about the same every month, call (903) 846-2311. and talk to a Member Services Representative to see if you meet the requirements.