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Outage Reporting With the Mobile App

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     When the lights go out, you want them back on as quickly as possible. By accessing the Member Portal or downloading the Member App your Smartphone can help! 

     In an urgent situation such as a power outage, your fully charged Smartphone is your "go-to" communications option.  If your phone is Internet-enabled, it can be the fastes way to report your outage to Bowie-Cass Dispatchers.  

     To access this capability, use your phone to log in to the Member Portal at or download the Member App for either iOS or Android.  Follow the directions for the "New User" link if it's your first time.  Once you have entered your user information in the system, you can click the Outage button in the top menu. With a couple of touches on your touchscreen, your outage can be reported. No more entering your account number or meter number!

     The faster your outage is accurately reported, the faster our dispatchers can send crews to investigate the cause and restore the outage. 

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