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The New Member Portal and Mobile App

In a continued effort to provide information and advanced payment options for our members, soon you will notice a new look to the Member Portal and the Mobile App. This new portal provides improved features such as quick pay and additional security measures to protect your information.

Moving to this new portal may require some changes in the way you access the site..

  1. If you use your member number (ex. 899765) as your login ID, it will now need to include the separator number (ex. 8997765001). Your passwords have not changed.
  2. If you created your own login ID that is all numeric (ex. 12123234), you will need to login with your Member Separator and create a new alpha-numeric ID (ex. ab3423455c) ID. If your ID is already alpha numeric, no change is needed.

The new Member Portal and Mobile App is scheduled to launch December 7, 2021.  Do not make these login changes before the new portal is launched.

Be looking for more information via this website, our Facebook page and email as to the specific date for this upgrade.

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