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A Message From The General Manager (Continued)

      We are paying more for wholesale power costs than we ever have. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything that indicates this trend will end any time soon. We are still being faced with generating plants going away prematurely and are left with stranded costs for these facilities. We must also find some resource to replace those assets. Nothing in the market today is what you would classify as “economical”.

       So, what’s the outlook? This morning we set our PCRF (Power Cost Recovery Factor) at $.08. This number includes $.01 for Winter Storm Uri recovery.  The $.08 combined with our current rate of $.06484 gives and total cost per kWh of $.14484 or 14.484 cents. I hope you understand and appreciate the energy portion of your bill is simply a pass through cost. We are simply paying the power bills the Cooperative receives. We are not and have not increased anything on the operating / overhead part of your bill since the fall of 2017. We continue to tighten our belts and keep our controllable costs in line even though the cost of everything we do is increasing. This $.08 factor is 2 cents higher than it was a month ago. To put that in perspective anyone using the average monthly residential amount of 1,500 kWh will pay $30 more on your bill than you did last month.

       I absolutely hate having to convey this message to you my fellow members just as I hate what it’s going to do to my bill! Most of the employees of the Cooperative are members and we get the same bills you do. We will continue to do all the things we can to control operating costs and each month as we attend meetings with our sister Cooperatives where wholesale power costs are discussed, we’ll continue to fight the good fight to try to bring wholesale power costs back under control. Unfortunately, there are much larger factors at play than we have the ability to influence.

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