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1 (877) 707-2232

Bowie-Cass Authorized Payment Locations

  U.S. Mail:                                 

Bowie-Cass Electric Bill:
Bowie-Cass EC
PO Box 47
Douglassville, TX 75560-004

WildBlue Satellite Internet Bill:
Bowie-Cass EC
PO Box 78
Douglassville, TX 75560-004

Bowie-Cass also offers it's members several payment options and locations.

  Bowie County                           

State Bank of Dekalb

Red River Federal Credit Union

New Boston:
Red River Federal Credit Union

Red River Federal Credit Union - Central Mall
Red River Federal Credit Union - Summerhill Road
Red River Federal Credit Union - Texas Blvd.

  Cass County                              

Red River Federal Credit Union

Bloomburg State Bank

Bowie-Cass Electric

Texana Bank

Queen City:
Cass County Bank

  Morris County                           

Texas Heritage Bank

Lone Star:
Bowie-Cass Electric

Morris County Bank

Texas Heritage Bank

  Titus County                              

Mount Pleasant:
American National Bank

We also offer bank drafts and Credit/Debit Card payments. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments. You can use our automated phone system (903.846.2310 Press Option 2), pay your bill online or stop by one of our two offices to pay in person.

WARNING: Making a payment at any other location, or by any other method, other than these authorized locations or methods; may result in delayed credit to your account.

Last Modified: July 17, 2013

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