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Extreme Hot Temperatures Can Cause Your Electric Bill To Skyrocket!

        Levelized Billing Keeps Your Electric Bill From Jumping With The High Temperatures.


Maintaining a comfortable inside temperature for your home during periods of extreme outside heat, requires your air conditioner to use more energy, even if you don't change your thermostat setting.  The extreme outside temperature requires your unit to run more often.  Higher than average Air Conditioner use can drastically increase your monthly electric bill. One way to keep your electric bill from increasing with the outside temperature is Levelized Billing.

Levelized  Billing is a free service that averages the highs and lows of your electric bills by giving you an average price to pay each month. You pay the same amount in the end, but with Levelized Billing your bill is more consistent.

It's a free service that makes it easier to plan for your monthly energy bill. 


                      Note that your Levelized Billing amount may change over time as your average usage increases or decreases.

Certain requirements must be met to qualify, call 903-846-2311 and talk to a Member Services Representative to find out more about Levelized Billing,





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